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[Character] Katsuki Bakugou


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Posted 14 May 2017 - 11:01 AM

I really like kacchan. I think he's a great rival for Deku and I love everything about him. I do wish sometime's he could have a normal coversation with someone as opposed to screaming all the time but most times its funny so even thats ok. Even his superiority complex isn't that annoying (though sometimes it can be) because like previously said he knows his weakness and is training hard to always overcome them. if he was the arrogant type that just relied on his natural abilities and did nothing but get angry when others beat him then yea I would be irritated by him. but seeing how he works hard and fight for what he believes in then his "arrogant' personality gets translated to me as a "confident, determined and positive" personality. Kind of like Ikki from Air gear (i.e one of my favorite characters of all time from any manga).



lol why is escanor the exception? If anything he's worst

and I wouldn't count Aizen either, he wasn't arrogant because everything he said was true. He never bragged about wat he could do, just stated facts about wat he can do. and I never looked at his attitude as arrogant because he had the skills and knowledge to back up everything he said. Aizen was just so impressive in every way that whenever he said anything about himself it came across as a brag and arrogance but in the end it was just fact. Arrogance is defined as "having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one's own importance or abilities." Aizen never had to exaggerate about anything he said he could do and was even honest about the things he could not do or that were difficult for him.


Never tbh. I don't think it'll ever be like the difference between All might and Endeavor. I think deku will be considered the number one hero but just by a very small margin over kacchan. I can even see the kinda relationship where their rankings constantly swap between 1 and 2. they'll be neck and neck for the most part.

Well arrogant might be a little odd choice of a word for it but it's still best I've come up with. And technically Escanor is not arrogant since he has been correct all his screen time (beaten everyone of his opponents with just his abilities). The fact I like Escanor is a surprise for me too, maybe it's the fact that he has the other, very humble side of him.


And me hating arrogant or overly prideful people simply comes from the fact that I've had to deal with them way too much in real life.

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