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[Discussion] Rewrite Fairy Tail Arcs

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Posted 03 April 2017 - 11:55 AM

Saw this idea on a different forum, should be cool to see some of your ideas here.

Fairy Tail arcs have all had their moments, but we've all had our own ideas of story elements that could have been executed better, be it power level consistency, plot or character developments, etc. Here, you can alter certain events or completely rewrite the war as you see fit!

You can list your ideas in any way you'd like, either bullet points or thought-out panel sequences. Just have fun with your idea and your imagination.

You can choose to share any idea, whether you'd rewrite certain dialogue, certain fights, story elements, key events, or even downright arcs and sagas themselves!

Three rules:

1. Standard forum rule: Constructive criticism for others' ideas is fine, but no bashing other people's posts.
2. No character bashing. Make every defeat reasonable.
3. Try to incorporate story reasoning as well you can in driving significant events.

Have fun, and share some of your ideas!

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Posted 03 April 2017 - 02:29 PM

Well let me get my ideas out there. 1st off I want to say I think the only problem with the arc is the boring lack luster nonsense fights which defy power level. But all FT is like that so let's rewrite these fights to make sense with the power levels we excepted.

So here are the fights that were messed up.
Ivenel the winter general
Neinhart (zombified)
The now dead not son of zeref. What was his name? He was a dragneel so w/e

Ok let's start in order.
Serena was robbed, he got to show off that he is heaven and earth above the top mages of the land but then was fodderized. Either 1 save god Serena's death for later, or 2 have Serena go all out on arcnologia.
1- arcnologia never shows up, why would he. We go the entire arc without meeting the dark dragon, then Serena goes all out on guildartz who he is just not a match for, guild arts leaves him half dead and arcnologia shows up, Serena reveals he only came to that land to kill arcnologia, uses some stupid magic move that instantly heals him to full health (maybe in exchange for a few years of his life which he was saving before to look for arcnologia) and arcnologia one shots him.

2- arcnologia shows up and serna goes all out on him, serna hits him with a ton of moves all 8 dragon slaying attacks even combinations dragon slaying attcks maybe even some non dragon slaying attacks. Arcnologia after 2 chapters of bleach style domination from serna arcnologia stands up and says ok now I can be serious, I forgot how fun it is toying with dragons, then one shots serna.

So serna can die in one shot w/e I don't care, but we only saw what 4/5 of his 8 abilities? The impact of his abilities was felt but the moment didn't last long enough.

Next up
Ivnele. Or who ever, Gary still fights him, but Gary fights him with the help of.... that kid from blue Pegasus who controls snow. And the memory make guy from sabertooth. Memory make guy is now obsessed with his memory of ice so he is now an exceptional ice mage so all three of them are able to withstand the freezing abilities of ivnele. They are no match for his ice making but in close combat they are far superior, so the name of this game is to get in close. Snow kid uses snow to mask their advance, ivnele isn't fooled that easy and makes an even bigger storm freezing half the battle field. A few chapters of cat and mouse with memory make and snow kid playing distraction and Gary getting closer and closer to making contact. Finally it looks like Gary finally has the opening he needs but by the skin of his teeth ivnele escapes the punch which skins this shoulder (instead of his head) and he turns around only to see snow kid delivering an impactful fist to his face knocking ivnele clear across the ground. Ivnele gets up reveals his super ice armor which makes him a god in hand to hand combat, they try the same stragegy again and snow kid gets his arm frozen off and stabbed by ivnele. Gary and memory make guy gets beat around in hand to hand a little trying for an opening to use the move he used to melt his dads unmeltable ice, he tires and it only half works, memory make remembers the ice and that works the other half of the way allowing Gary to use ice demon slayer and cut ivnele, ivnele uses ice to close up his wound and at the same time an ice close behind memory make guy stabs him. juvia shows up and does her super warm water burning with love nonsense thing and the melt ivnele' ice armor but ivnele slowly stands up, and walks closer and closer to Juvia, finally he punches her in the face knocking her out only for him to be revealed to be a half ice skeletal/muscular structure under his skin. and Gary depressed his ice demon slayer isn't working properly says "it's now or never I need to use my new technic" Gary activates his mark to reveal he has become half demon and all ice in the world belongs to him, he robs ivnele of all his ice encasing his body and skeleton and beats him with an single ice hammer to the head.

As for neinhart the exact opposite will happen. Fresh off their fight erza natsu and Gary see neinhart approaching them. Neinhart quickly shows them he is the best hand to hand fighter ever, he holds up his pinky and says he will beat every single one of them with just that finger, he does. He explains he hides behind his magic heart memory because he loves fighting, he loves fighting so much once he starts fighting he can't stop until he kills everyone in his sight, he is also so good at fighting no one can possibly stop him in hand to hand fighting so he poses a real risk to anyone he is around. He then makes a show of planting his feet on the ground and calling the three to attack him again. Erza switches brass knuckles (she was bear handed before) and they all attack again. This time Gary and natsu get easily beaten and erza switches to a sword half way swings the sword and neinhart (who hasn't moved his feet yet) walks towards erza just one step. But it is the first time he moved the entire fight. And when erza first pulled out her sword neinhart visibly switched from holding out one pinky to holding out his entire fist,after he took a step closer he switched back the the pinky. Erza Gary and natsu imiditally notice this and Gary pulls out a large long swor, erza switches to her longest spear and natsu uses dragons breath. Neinhart is confused and unless you guessed by now, completely incompetent at fighting opponents at range. (Another reason he uses heart memory is to distract his opponents so he can get close) so from then on the fight gets easier, it is one big game of keep away with erza Gary and natsu taking turns distracting neinhart while the other two attack with range. After beating neinhart around he is battered and broken, his leg is broken and he is bleeding heavily, he starts laughing, he looks up and says "do you know what I missed the most about fighting? Losing!!!!!!" Neinhart then stands up revealing he is actually insanely fast, he blitzes natsu Gary and erza attacking them all from behind, natsu realizes this and calls for his two cowards who are running for their life around avoiding neinhart, to stand back to back to back. All three of them plant their feet and make a circle look at neinhart and say "now it's our turn" neinhart attacks them and is unable to get past their teamwork since they have 6 arms he can't block them all (before in the beginning of the fight all three attacked neinhart sperratly, now they are defending as one) natsu says "you may be the strongest fighter, but us three together are the strongest team"(because friendship power!!!! Also 6 arms 6 legs beats 2 arms 2 legs) neinhart screams in range and says I didn't want to have to do this but you leave me no choice!!!!! He summons the most powerful heart memory natsu Gary and erza share. The one, the only HADES!!!!! Gary and natsu are scared out of their mind, erza is calm she never takes her eyes off neinhart, hades shoots a chain at where the three heros are standing back to back erza ducks abd shoves the gary and natsu (who are frozen in fear) to the ground, the chain hits neinhart. Hades lifts neinhart up in the air and slams him down into a formula 100 amrstua which blows neinhart into smitherines, hades smiles and says "tell laxus he did a good job" then dissapears. Gary and natsu look amazed at erza who smiles let's out a sigh of relief and says "did you think it would be that easy to control a former member of FT"

I know I gave hiro a lot of shit for who defeated him. But I am going to do the same thing so as not to cheat.
The white light shows up on the battle field, sword girl attacks him and he quickly shows he is far superior to her in hand to hand combat. When he is about to deliver the killing blow sting rouge urgue(lightning God slayer) and minivera show up. Imiditally dragneel (I know it is also natsu and zeref's last name) uses his 1st lust ability. All the fighters fall down, except minivera. Minivera stands with pain in her face turns to dragneel and says in a suductive voice "looks like you will have to do" minivera and dragneel then have a short fight where minivera is clearly at the disadvantage but is so persistent it defies logic. He is starting to get tired when he realizes "is it my powers that allow you to get up even when you should be dead?" So dragneel turns off his lust ability, minivera falls to the ground instantly, dragneel let's out a sigh of relief and a several needs of sweet and wipes a little blood from his hands. The next page is a double page spread of lightning God slayer engulfing dragneel followed by serval hits from sting rouge and sword girl (wish I knew her name) dragneel regains his composure and quickly knocks down the attackers like they are garbage. He then says he will need to use his second ability. Rogue says "these abilities are too dangerous they effect all our friends around us, we need to take him somewhere we have the home field advantage, we need to take him to shadow world" so dragneel activates his hunger ability and the whole next chapter revolves around dragneel beating rogue and swordgirl while rogue is constantly trying to open a portal under his feet. After several failed attempts to trick dragneel sword girl freaks out saying she is too hungry and she will just take dragneel's head and eat that, she recklessly attcks with her sword only for dragneel to block with his finger, rogue smiles and says "just in time" the sword starts to glow black and it sucks all of them into a dark world, welcome to shadow world. Dragneel says "well I should try to beighten this place up a little with the third temptation. Urgue fires a massive super powered God slayer ability which is able to be bent and manipulated by rouge, after a little fun with that ability dragneel fires a single laser down the center of the beam and pierces the chest of urgue. Quick hand to hand fight where he defeats sword girl once for all and sting, rogue is powerless trying his all just to stop shadow world from collapsing, dragneel says "don't worry, I will give you peace!" He activates the third temptation and everyone's souls starts to leave their body, no one can do anything and rogue closes his eyes knowing at least dragneel will be killed when shadow world collapses. Dragneel says "don't worry, through the darkness the light shall guide my way", he opens a portal out of the shadow world. Right as sting is about to close his eyes he sees dragneel standing tall, bloody and bruised form the fight but tall. Then a hand appears in dragneel's chest. Minivera is standing behind him. dragneel Trina his head, and with his dying breath says "the pure white souls should be ascending to the heavens" minivera moves her head to reveal now-minivera is back, "my soul is far from pure" minivera then uses her powers to transport everyone out of shadow world right before it collapses.

Final two fights will be here in a second.
captain "Nostradamus" kidd

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Posted 03 April 2017 - 03:34 PM

Good stuff.


I suggest you break some of that into paragraphs, make it a little easier to follow.


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Posted 03 April 2017 - 04:38 PM

Ok so all that's left is to do Irene and August right. Now let me get this out of the way right now, August is losing to all 5 of the top ft fighters no exceptions.

Which begs the question, who is left for Irene to lose to. Looks like Lucy and crime sorceie.

So erza is recovering from her fight with neinhart and Irene was using her eye to watch the whole fight, Irene now knows for a fact erza has to be her child, Lucy walks across Irene who is sitting on the ground crying. Lucy who recently made friends with brandish sees this as another Janice and asks "what's wrong?" Irene says "I just found my daughter, erza is my child I am so happy I found her and she is alive" Lucy is happy to see these tears and notices she has a chance to make a new friend. She says let's go quickly and meet her! Irene says "yes let's go I can't wait to take her body for mine" Lucy stops cold in her tracks flash back flash back flashback!!!!! That is how Irene was born and became a dragon! No stupid taking Wendy's body. Irene gave up Ezra's body because it was too weak to take the transfer and would explode, but clearly over the years erza got stronger! Strong enough to take Irene's power. Lucy goes to stop Irene and Irene looks at her and screams in a dragons roar "get out of my way" Lucy falls to the ground unable to do anything. Irene goes to walk away and just then a laser zooms past her head, she looks up and jellal is standing tall fresh off getting stomped by August. He says "I heard erza's name and I can't have you taking her body"
So then what follows is kinda a good fight, no body swapping nonsense no turning into a dragon nothing like that. Irene is at a sight disadvantage against the 6 Mages. Every one she lands a blow against one of the mages two other follow up with an attack. Finally Irene gets angry and her skin starts to fall off. She transforms into a "dragonkin" she has her figure only the wings of a dragon, tail of a dragon and eyes and teeth of a dragon. She says "it takes half my power to keep this form surpressed" she then flaps her wings once and blows away everyone, knocking out racer angel and Lucy and magnolia.....the sword mind girl. Everyone else recovers and stands up. They open their eyes and see the most beautiful half dressed woman they have ever seen, each guy sees something different, but they are all beautiful, (if you haven't guessed, Irene is the siren dragon) all the men stand up stand still and look at Irene. Irene opens up a bottomless pool of water under her and calls the men to start walking towards her. Just as the men are about to walk into the water a mark appears on all their wrists. Magnolia= sense. All of the guys are now linked to the young woman and they see Irene the way she sees Irene as a (still kinda good looking) lizard monster. As a joke cobra keeps walking towards her and his snake has to save him. Angel and Lucy wake up and the fight is back on, only this time Irene is a lot stronger and except for Angel and Lucy, when ever one of the guys is hit all the other guys get hit due to the magic keeping them from falling under Irene's siren spell again. It is a direct battle angel is taken down then racer is then midnight then hot eye. Cobra begs magnolia who is suffering greatly at this point, to release him and she does, cobra closes his eye and fights by using his magic to hear Irene's next moves. Every time the siren song tries to capture him his snake bites him to wake him. Cobra goes in for a scrafice play to deliver his most deadly poison ever to Irene poison so deadly he can't even breath it back in it is a mixture of his and his pets most power full attacks. Lucy played the distraction by summoning minotar to get insanely distracted and instead of walking to Irene he jumps at her large.... you can guess what he sees. Cobra lands the poison but Irene puts her fist through his chest for his efforts. Irene is stunned and in that monent jellal calls down the sema. Irene recovers and calls down the true sema which obliterates the sema and lands on jellal, who now is begging to remove the mangles = sense magic. There is a touching moment where she says jellal is like her father w/e. She removes the magic and jellal starts walking towards Irene, irene looks up to see before jellal was under his spell he shot off one last sema. She laughs and calls down her true sema. They clash and shared eachother, through the power of fighting for friends!!!! Jellal's sema became a "pure sema" the fact both attacks were equal catches Irene off guard, and in that moment maryjane comes flying in in her tartros form punching Irene right in the face. Irene staggers to her feet laughing, jellal is still walking towards her bottom less pit. Marijianna transforms into a siren demon which cancels out the siren call. And also makes jellal think he is fighighting a wild tattooed pierced punk rock looking erza with an innocent school girl erza. The fight is less then equal but the poison is clearly spreading quickly and slowing down Irene. She knows she has to do something drastic so she calls for "universe .5" which starts turning all the area around her black. Lucy shivers and says "what are you doing!! Last time you turned the land into a nightmare what are you going to turn it into this time that could be worse?" Irene simple looks up and says "nothing" the whole battle field is going dark no one can see irene anymore jallel calls for marijanne to remove the siren call. Jellal starts walking into the darkness, after jellal has walked 6 feet lucy's smart summon says "I have the exact location of where Irene is based on the path jellal walked" marijanne switches back on the siren song and with all the possible force she can produce dogs as fast as she can towards jellal grabbing where she believe his hand is and they both fly straight and true punching Irene in the abodomen and upper shoulder. Which is just enough to drop her and cause the blackness to fade revealing most of what was inside was vaporized.

Good stuff.

I suggest you break some of that into paragraphs, make it a little easier to follow.

Sorry didn't realize how much i was writing lol. Wanted to keep it one paragraph one enemy. My next one will be fixed lol
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Posted 03 April 2017 - 05:15 PM

I really like the idea of Rufus, Eve, and Gray taking on Invel together. Good thinking.


I'll offer my thoughts when I have time to properly sit down and collect them together.


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Posted 04 April 2017 - 08:59 AM

Ok final fight, this is the fight I am most dissapointed by and the one i was most excited for, honestly the only one I was excited for, the sand guy looked boring and no other of the 12 really were too interesting. August was the one that stood out and he was handled in such a bad way it was almost insulting, don't worry I will make this write up better then the last two.

Scene opens with August standing on top of the church getting ready to use his vaporize all move, then guildartz comes flying from.... where ever and clashes with August destroying the church and half the town in the process. The rubble clears and August is no where to be scene. August suddenly materializes in front of guildartz (invisibility maic) and delivers an "all elemental punch" (ice fire lightning all the cool stuff) to guildartz which sends him flying back guildartz thinks to himself "if I can't stop myself I will not only lose conscious but I will have a long walk back to town" guildartz is stopped, he looks behind himself and sees laxus erza marijanne (still heavily wounded from her last fight) and mistgun. (he is back, using some super bonding magic that allows a one way ticket for a few hours, he is currently possessing the body of..... idk max? Well he has his staffs with him.)

So August looks at the scene, the 5 strongest of ft stand in front of him. He laughs their power is still nothing compared to his own. Without even seeing their powers in combat August gives them a quick rundown of what they do and how they could improve- guildartz, your all Cush is powerful but you need to develop the range to extend beyond your fist, laxus your lightning is powerful but you have yet to understand the true power of lightning, marijanne your take over is intimidating but you lack a useful range to chose from, erza the knight sucks your immense magical ability is better concentrated in useful magic, maybe something elemental.

They all attack august at once, he counters all their magic using the magic of the others. When erza attacks with the knight August counters with demon take over, when guildartz attacks with all crush August counters with lightning and so on. August is toying around to prove they are their own worst enemy. In all of augusts fun he almost misses the fact that mistgun opened up a massive several layer staff attack. August throws up a shield blocking the attack but praising his other worldly magic, hinting mistgun probably isn't from around here.

August says play time is over. The 5 form up into a formation, with a single swing of augusts staff a massive storm throws the 5 out of their formation they are now unorganized, August looks at mirijanne and yells "Katsu" (remember? Hades move we never got to see) marijanne has blood shoot out of many many wounds that instantly opened on her body and she falls down. August says "Jacob laslo always says assassins start with the weakest, I usually kill the strongest first to demoralize the enemy but I will make an exception for you 5.... sorry 4 now, although I am impressed her body is so durable, she should of been torn into pieces and thrown around the town" then he says "let me show you something truely amazing"

The next portion of the fight August fights using a mounding ability, his mounding magic is a shiny grey element that contains "all elements of all magic" after dodging the massive and ridiculous shapes and constructs August makes including a massive flying ship and an entire army of all magic make soldiers, finally laxus is unable to dodge and gets hit in the leg. The leg is covered in the grey matailc looking magic and laxus feels nothing. He looks at it in shock and says what happened? August says "it is a shame you are so out of touch with your own body's magical energy" then it hits laxus, he can't use magic anymore. August then, when laxus is distracted by all this, hits laxus with an entire wall of all magic element make which knocks him out.

Erza stands up, and equips a crazy looking mix match of many different armors we have seen her in. She now has a piece of every armor that protects against elements. She calls it her "anti all magic" armor. She runs in close and swings her sword at August, the sword dissapears in her hands, then all her armor dissapears, August looks at her smiles and says "de-requip" erza attempts to get another weapon August looks at her and says "space commandment" August grabs erza by the neck, lifts her up, and under her a flame like jet of all magic element blasts erza engulfing her and knocking her out.

As August finishes off erza and is about to throw her away guildartz had been building up magic he lungs at August, august blocks his fist with his hand, his mechanical fist, and covers most of the fist in all element magic. August then laughs saying no one left on the battle field has magic, let along magic that can oppose him. Guildartz then blindsides August with an incredibly power full all crush that not only hits August in the face but shatters most of the battle field. Even injuring mistgun.

August isn't moved by this punch at all. August's head it thrown around and is now bleeding from the lip and forehead but his body didn't even move an inch. Guildartz sees mistgun fall to one knee he apologizes and says he didn't think his attack would hurt that bad. August laughs once, slowly lifts his head up which is bleeding a little, looks guildartz in the eye and says "your memory seems a little fuzzy, try harder to remember" guildartz screams "what are you talking about!!!!" August says "isn't it weird mistgun hasn't been Attacking me?" A memory charm August used in guildartz instandtly wears off and guildartz then remembers mistgun was taken out at the very start of the fight, after he used his initial attack August swiftly defeated him with a small laser to the chest, noting how all magic wouldn't work on someone without magic in their body.

August talks about how he has missed fighting, ever since he mastered all magic he never had to fight since no magic could stand up to him, he noted how careless he was assuming all magic would steal guildartz magic even though it only hit a robotic arm. August smiles and says that trick won't work twice. Guildartz smiles and says it won't have to.

Guildartz while still standing in front of August, a second guildartz hits August from behind making August stumble a few feet forward walking through the first guildartz, August then realizes it was an illusion. His smile is gone and he calmly yet unamused says "ok mom I know you are there" mavis materializes in front of guildartz. August says "it's a shame if you showed up a few seconds sooner out could of saved them" mavis replies "I needed a few more seconds to construct the perfect plan to defeat you, I only need guildartz and this licrim" August says "didn't I say you are a few minuets too late?" August's arm then freezes over electrocutes his entire body his body bursts into flames and poison and iron spikes erupt from his entire body.

August says "your arm was covered in all magic, did you think that name was just for show? Even if I can't take your magic it is still composed of all elements to ever exist" August fires a laser which August dodges painfully by falling to the ground, August laughs and says stop resisting you are only making this more painful, but I will do you an honor, I will show you the most powerful magic ever to exist, all magic started from one magic and all magic will one day be that one magic again, allow me to return your body to that one magic, August raises his hands is surrounded by sparkling light and suddenly Cana yells "fairy glitter!!!!" August dodges by jumping but his leg is scratched.

Mavis sighs a sigh of relief and says "this is the two minuet 30 second mark you need to pick it up Cana" mavis throws the licrim to Cana who activates it and throws it at August, august effortlessly dodge's it. August then realizs the massive mistake he made, turned around in time to see that Cana was an illusion and the real Cana is behind him with no time to dodge he puts up a barrier and the licrim shatters against it. Mavis sighs oneast time and says "3 minuets"

The shattered licrim reveals a black ball inside it, the black ball starts pulling with unstoppable force. It is a black hole. The black hole rips away August's barrier like it was a joke, August stands his ground his skin is slowly opening small cuts and bleeding, August makes his own black hole and throws it at true black hole, August's black hole is deflected and bounded off into space somewhere, August tries again with a smaller black hole this time the black hole is absorbed. All the while August is getting pulled in closer and closer. August comments on how his minor injuries he got form guildartz have been greatly exaggerated by fighting the black hole, he says he was going to save his favorite move for guildartz but here will have to do August yells "return to the one" and attempts to return the black hole back to the one magic. The black hole is not effected.

Mavis yells at August as he is getting eaten by the black hole "you are a very powerful mage August probably the best to ever live, but you have two weaknesses, 1 is your over reliance on eye sight even when you know you are seeing an illusion it still takes a second for you to realize it and that is a perfect opening for an attack, number 2 is this black hole, it isn't magic from this world, it is magic from elodaus"

The black hole closes and August is gone. Mavis and Cana hug and celebrate and out of no where August appears. He is heavily injured, bloody and one of his legs is broken. He looks at them sees the shock on mavis' face and says with a smile "space commandment" he then punches mavis very lightly but with a small ammount of all magic on his hand to stop her from using illusions. "Looks like both my weaknesses are gone now"

In that second August is hit from the right side right in the kidney which knocks him a few feet to the left, August says "all crush" Cana retorts "of course I am my fathers child" a short brawl ensues where August tries to snack it out with Cana after a few clashes Cana is covered in all element magic. Cana holds out a card points at the card and yells "bang" the all element magic is sucked into the card. August says "I see you preloaded those cards with magic in case you yourself couldn't use magic, mavis prepared you well but there is no preparation to face overwhelming power" Cana says she has a plan for that too, then yells "are you just going to sleep there dad" then kicks guildartz. Her dad painfully gets up, and says of course he will for his child.

Keep in mind August is greatly wounded from the other worldly black hole and his short scuffle with Cana. Guildartz is horribly wounded almost unable to walk. They then both engage in an all crush fight with August, where August is having fun attacking cana when she leaves herself wide open, and guildartz jumps in to take the hit for her. Finally after taking so many hits guildartz says Cana better have a plan, Cana says of course she does, then activates her "card soul take over: jack" jack is extremely fast and able to easily land hits of August but they are not very strong and August is slowly getting fast enough to keep up with Cana.

Guildartz takes another hit meant for Cana who is not moving too slow to dodge August's attacks. Cana uses her next ability "card soul take over: queen" queen is a master of the elements which means nothing compared to August's own power, so Cana creates a massive display of colorful elements as a smoke screen for guildartz to land another hit on August and for Cana to jump out the the fire in her final and greatest from "king" king is strong, the strongest card Cana can use. Cana holds a hammer and can use it to deliver all crush stronger then her fathers. Due to this Cana is careless and her father reveals all her hits are injuring him due to the area of effect, August is able to block Cana only with barriers no longer with his bear hands. But August is too resourceful, Cana goes for one final swing with all the power of king, August throws down his staff opens his arms as to accept it. Guildartz is standing opposite side of Cana ready for the follow up attack. Cana hits August with the "full king power all crush hammer"

Or so it appears, as Cana hits August the hammer curves around his body narrlowly missing guildartz. August looks up and says "deflector" mavis yells to Cana "you can do it, use those other moves you are keeping hidden" Cana says "I was worried about hurting my dad" guildartz jokes "you have been trying NOT to hurt me? Do it Cana, forget about me and show me your full power show me how much you take after me"

What follows will be a long fight where Cana and guildartz use cana's two extremely powerful but extremely unstable forms "ace" and "joker" joker is a near comedy ability which allows Cana to pull massive weapons out of her small pockets and when she is hit she turns into a bunch of stuffed clown dolls, you know comedy nonsense, guildartz is using this nonsense comedy to land hits when August is distracted. Finally August sees through and learns this new ability he even demonstraits a version of it he has where he turns into dolls of (idk zeref or arcnologia or something) he hits Cana for the first time in the fight, (btw every time guildartz gets hit Cana quickly removes the all magic element with her card trick) guildartz is enraged he delivers a one sided beat down to August which finally ends with August brings down a sema to crush guildartz. Who is then worried Cana was caught up in the blast.

Cana steps out from the rubble she was thrown into and tells "dot worry dad I am fine, I am better then fine, I am the ace" ace is an ability that gives Cana strength the more she is hit, ace is a berserker. August beats down Cana until she finally stops reacting to his shots, little by little Cana is getting thrown around less and less by August's attcks. August suddenly notices something, Cana isn't using her card trick to remove his all magic element. He screams "are you out of cards finally" and launches a total wave of all magic element. Cana holds her ground as the tital wave clears. She is glowing all element matalic looking and the glow slowly fades. Cana says "you have probably never seen magic like this before have you? That is because I invented it! Mavis was wrong, you have one more weakness! 3- you can't stop magic, that you haven't mastered! And I invented cars take over ace! In fact I invented it while you were beating down our guild members"

August is shocked but calmly thinks to himself, it is ok he just needs to also learn the magic over the next few hits and he then can incorporate it into all magic element. Cana hits august with a small hit that hardly moves August, then Cana yells "have you ever been hit with your own power before? It hurts!!" Suddenly Cana's fist explodes with the force of all the attacks she has absorbed from August, August goes flying.

Cana changes out of ace soul and mavis says "thank god, if you absorbed any more power you would of been torn to pieces! Your body can't contain all that magic!" August teleports back. He is heavily wounded bleeding one eye closed one leg broke his staff is chipped and broken his beard has been torn, burnt and still on fire in places. August looks at Cana and says "have you ever been hit by your own attack? It hurts!" And he throws a punch at Cana with the power of ace, half way through cana's attack August figures out how it works and copied it just in time to save his life. Right before Cana can be hit fairy bubble (the move that saved everyone from arcnologia) opens up to protect Cana and guildartz. It isn't enough, guildartz is blown away and knocked out for the count.

The force of his own attack makes august stumble and start closing his eyes. He is clearly losing conscious needs to finish the fight. Mavis yells "now" Cana points her finger at August and yells "bang" August looks down and sees ever card Cana used to store his all magic element, throughout the entire fight, there is a lot of cards under his feet. A massive jet of all magic erupts under augusts feet lauching August into the air 20 feet.

August stands up. His eyes are glazed over he isn't even aware of his surroundings anymore, August yells "did you think all magic element would work on someone like me? The master of all element? return all magic to the one" August lifts his hands into the air and a small white bubble opens up engulfing an area the size of several buildings. The bubble shrinks and august absorbs it. His left eye opens, he smiles a forced smile, you can see several broken teeth repairing themselves, he says "the magic in the air alone is enough to heal this much, just wait till I absorbs the magic of everyone on the battle field." Guildartz says as he coughs up blood "how could you do that you can hardly stand" august points up to the sky, there is a massive white bubble many times the size of the battle field floating over head.

August falls down to his knees, his broken legs can no longer support him, he lowers his hand and the white ball starts to fall towards the battle field (slowly) as he lowers his hand it touches mavis' mavis is sitting on the ground in front of august, she holds his hand with both of hers, looks him in the eyes and says "child, you are misguided about what the 'one magic' is" the white orb stops just mere feet from hitting the battlefield and the many people fighting there. August looks her in the eyes and says "what is it then mother" mavis says "it's something stronger then you, something you missed out on as a child" and as mavis says that Cana and guildartz (who is being supported almost entirely by Cana) both deliver a punch over mavis' head to August's face. Guildartz collapses unconscious and August is launched into the white orb. The last word going through his mind is "love" as his body disolves the white orb now rejecting him since the nature of his magic was changed by his mothers touch. (Which is why she is the only one who could beat him)
Since august was changed by his mother the white "return all magic to one" no longer sees august as its master and dissolves his body, since August was its master after his body is disproved the white orb then implodes leaving behind only August's staff and some rags.

That is a fight be fitting the master of all magic. I know I made Cana into something she isn't in the manga, but she is the child of guildartz she had a ton of potential if she just got rid of her stupid card moves and picked up either her dads moves, or more card themed moves that make thematic sense but ammount to more then a gambit knock off.
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Posted 20 April 2017 - 04:18 PM

In a separate post, I'll write about how I would have rewritten the entirety of this arc.


Here, I've focused on just the match-ups:


In order for a lot of these to happen, I've put in notes that quite a few of these Spriggan would need major buffs.

Which shouldn't be so unreasonable to ask. After all, they were all hyped to be at least God Serena's level.
Zeref vs. (Natsu, Crime Sorceire's Cobra, Racer, and Midnight - cond. Jellal approach)
Crime Sorciere has always made Zeref's defeat their goal, would be fitting and much less damaging to Zeref's stature in the story to have them team up with Natsu against Zeref instead of having Natsu and Zeref go at it at base form.
I can see Cobra, Racer, and Natsu pull off interesting combinations to try and stave off Zeref, while Midnight focuses on being Midnight. I'm largely unsure of how I want Jellal to approach this battle, but I would rather the much of the battle start off with out him.
Irene vs. (Erza, Kagura, Mira, and Minerva)
Was honestly hoping for this match-up. Would fit so well thematically, Erza taking on her monster of a mother with the help of comrades whose hearts she's managed to sway over to friendship. Plus the glorious amount of panty shots.
August vs. (Makarov and Laxus, R2 Jellal)
This also fits thematically. August is the son of Zeref and a Fairy Tail founder, while Makarov is the son of another Fairy Tail founder.
I can picture Makarov and Laxus taking on the King of Magic as a grandfather/grandson team and being overpowered, with Makarov managing to use a spell that sacrifices himself but causes a particular damage to August that nerfs him in some way. Not too different to how Igneel went down to Acnologia but managed to rip off his arm.
When that happens, Jellal arrives and together, Laxus and Jellal manage to pull through a R2 with a weakened but still insanely powerful August. 
God Serena vs. (Gods of Ishgar)
Make this an actual decent fight. Don't have God Serena stomping the four and breaking the scales, just to hype Acno by having the latter ripping out his liver.
Together, Jura, Warrod, Hyberion, and Wolfheim should be capable of giving God Serena the fight of his goddamn life. 
Bloodman vs. (Gildarts)
Yes, I know what you're thinking. Think what you will about him vs. Gajeel, Bloodman was still an incredibly menacing villain with frightening powers. Being able to deform and reshape his body as he desires would make for a tough but interesting match-up against Gildarts' Crash Magic. 
If I had a shot at a rewrite, I would buff him up to being the strongest after Irene and August, and have Gildarts solo fight this one. 
Larcade vs. (Sting, Rogue, Yukino)
The original fight in the manga was well-written, with Sting receiving the help of Rogue and Kagura to take down Larcade. I would rather have seen Yukino written into this fight somehow. 
Invel vs. (Gray, Lyon, Rufus)
This would require some massive, massive Invel buffs, something that makes Invel seem respectable as Zeref's right-hand man. I can see the three Molding Mages being able to hamper Invel's abilities in a pretty creative way. 
Ajeel vs. (Lucy, Juvia, and Lisanna)
Ajeel was on the lower end of the Spriggans, which is why I would put him against the lower tiered mages. Lucy and Lisanna can showcase their CQC skills, with Lucy throwing in Loke into the mix, while Juvia could use her Water Magic to try and contain Ajeel's sand.
Throwaway fights that I honestly don't care for, but could be executed well:
Jacob vs. (Thunder Legion and Elfman)
DiMaria vs. (Wendy, Chelia) - Unchanged
Wahl vs. (Gajeel, Lily)
Heine and Juliet vs. (Meredy, Sorano)
  • Brandish's magic renders her pretty difficult to deal with in an actual battle scenario. I'd rather she maintains the role that she fulfilled this arc.
  • Couldn't think of any particular way to inject Orga's Lightning God Slayer powers in an actual match-up here.
  • As many changes I've made, I've actually enjoyed a few of the Spriggan fights. I liked Natsu/Lucy vs. Jacob, Larcade vs. Sting/Rogue/Kagura, Ajeel vs. Erza/Bisca.


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Posted 25 April 2017 - 12:20 PM

I like you doing the same thing I did, forcing team ups to defeat powerful enemies.

It is so simple but it makes so much sense they are on another level entirely so they should require team ups to be taken down.
But instead we get fights where a single member of ft beats the enemy like laxus or fights where a single member of ft bests the enemy with a tiny bit of help from someone else like August and cana.

Oh and the thing I hate he most about these final fights is the characters revealed powers they never hinted they had. Like Wendy being the second best enchanted in the world or Gary being stronger then the essence of cold or sting being relevant.....
I know in my fights I made cana all powerful but she is the child of guildartz was up for the s-class test and can use fairy glitter, it is conceivable she trained while the guild was broken up to match her fathers power. What is not conceivable is Wendy being a super enchanter that can enchant dragon slaying magic onto a sword....
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Posted 25 April 2017 - 03:23 PM

I like the idea of this thread. We should also open threads for all the other bad arcs.


I stopped taking Fairy Tail serious after

- Erza got dramatically destroyed by Azuma and then miraculously got up again to nakama cut him down

- revelation that Urtear used some strange brain washing spell that could turn a pure good guy into pure evil (anticlimatic at its best)

- Zeref getting beaten by Urtear

- Gray somehow beating Urtear

- Natsu getting Laxus' magic power instead of Laxus getting all the other guys' powers

- half dead Natsu suddenly getting super strong just by absorbtion of Laxus' remaining magic

- Arc of time suddenly working on living things

- Makarov not dying against Hades or Acnologia

- Hades not knowing shit about Zeref


Man, it really took a lot for me to lose faith in that manga, I'm such a purehearted person :cry:

Rewrite Tenrou arc as well pls.

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Posted 26 April 2017 - 01:06 AM


Changed the title. Discuss as you like!

I have another rewrite idea that starts back at late Tenrou, redoes the GMG, and onward.

Will share it as soon as I can.


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Posted 28 April 2017 - 01:20 PM

I will also do tenrou, which from now on will be referred to as island arc.... since it was on an island and my spell check will allow me to write island not.... not the other word....

Ok first off, what the ever loving hell was cana doing in the S class testing? Either give her the awesome powerups I named in my cana vs August fight or keep her out of the S class testings.... that is stupid.... how do you expect me to take cana seriously?

Oh and one more thing, screw that's stupid tree. None of that teee nonsense, no tree taking FT powers no tree making he members of FT immortal no tree doing anything, the tree is a nice tree and that is it. it has no magical properties at all, they can destroy the tree if you want they can rebuild the tree if they want but nothing will happen because of that.

So my main problem with this arc was once again the fights. And a few other things.

Hades vs Markov was amazing, loves the fight and it set hades up to be a monster.

Natsu vs zanacrow was beyond stupid. God slayers are introduced and they are awesome, more powerful then dragon slayers...... then nonsense gets in the way. Markov who was shot through the chest wakes up restriains a guy who claims to use flame halbreds that cut through all things, then natsu eats his unbeatable flames. No no no.

Here is the correct way for natsu to win.

So zanacrow shows up and is cocky and laughing and proceeds to show natsu what a god slayer is. Zanacrow knocks down massive chunks of trees and clears away entire buildings while natsu is unable to do a thing but run and get beat up. Natsu tries to fire back shots but they either harmlessly bounce off zanacrow or he eats them Then when natsu is finally surrounded by fire on all sides with no where to run, he charges straight at zanacrow. Natsu punches him in the face and sends him back a few feet. Zanacrow then tries several more god slayer attacks which natsu dodge's while still getting hit by small portions of them natsu is able to close the gap and throw another punch which zanacrow tries to block but is unable.

So zanacrow's weakness is he is all powerful in fire magic but his hand to hand combat isn't anything impressive. After a chapter and a half of zanacrow mostly creating a gap and firing off huge attacks natsu lands yet another attack, zanacrow jumps up and starts screaming "you are a lowly dragon, you will feel the power of a god, my power" and zanacrow creates a massive ball of black fire above his head (not at all an ace vs bb rip off) and as he is about to launch the ball at natsu natsu has that "fear" moment that he had in the manga where he remembers guildartz telling him what real fear is.
As zanacrow is dropping the massive half island sized ball of black flames natsu jumps forward, natsu is able to just nearly fly between the ground and the ball and make it past the attack and punch zanacrow right in the face. Zanacrow flies backwards a few feet and slams into a huge tree and looks like he is out cold, suddenly he opens his eyes jumps to his feet and yells
"I am a god!"
Then from no where he gets a massive fist to the back of the head. You see a severely injured Markov say
"I am a father"
And then Natsu runs over to Markov who is out cold and almost dead natsu runs him to the camp to get him attention quick.

Next fight, Capricorn vs Lucy
Talk about a fight I have zero interest in. I am not going to lie grimor heart was my favorite guild but two of the members are my least favorite characters in FT. Not being dramatic two of these characters are horrible wastes of space.
Ok so I don't like a lot things about this fight. The taboo nonsense was just stupid, human subjection magic was stupid, nearly everything about this fight was stupid.

Ok let's stay with human subjection magic, but Lucy and Loki are not fighting a stupid goat. They are fighting Capricorn's human form. There is so much pitential here, the magic of kings, the power to make entire armies submit to your will. What is this all powerful magic's weakness? Well let's make this magic a little less op and a lot more op.

So Lucy and Loki show up and stare down Capricorn, neither of them can move. Suddenly a bolt of light(fired by Loki before they were paralyzed) comes crashing into the ground near Capricorn and kicks up a lot of dust, when Capricorn moves Lucy and Loki can also, Loki moves a few feet then instantly stops in his tracks, Lucy looking at Loki grabs him and pulls him out of the way just as capricorn lunges forward with a sword(a beautiful kingly golden diamond encrusted sword) right where Loki was standing. This time Lucy is unable to move and Loki throws her far away as Loki is paralyzed and standing still helpless.
Capricorn stops advancing and says to Loki "rise my soldier" Loki can move again, Lucy yells "run Loki" then she looks at Capricorn, she then realizes what is going on- human subjugation magic-
-All humans and human like beings stop and kneel before the weirder of this magic (you can't move when looking at the weirder of the magic)
-All humans take orders from the weirder of this magic
-the weirder can store and summon humans
-human are unable to harm the user if the magic

Capricorn yells to Loki "kill her" Loki charges forward and Lucy is unable to move, Loki throws a punch which is blocked by a huge wall of water. Juvia is here wahoo! In a bikini because why not. Juvia throws a massive wall of water at Capricorn who doesn't move and the water avoids him. Capricorn laughs and says "did you think pesents like you were capable of harming a king?" As he says that Loki knocks juvia out and sends her flying away from the battle.

Lucy is no longer frozen, when Loki used his ring he created a blinding light which allowed Lucy to close her eyes just for a moment and escape. Now Lucy has her eyes closed and she thinks of something, while only looking at Loki, and keeping one eye closed, she taunts Loki, suddenly Lucy has to jump to the left (she heard foot steps behind her) the golden sword goes theough her shoulder, she looks up just in time to see Loki with tears in his eyes kick Lucy with his light powers.
Lucy struggles to get up only one eye open, Capricorn smirks and whispers "finish her" Lucy yells "close gate of the lion" Loki is gone.

Capricorn laughs and charges Lucy who dodges easily then swings her whip at Capricorn who blocks the whip with his arm. Capricorn jumps backwards and yells
"You fool what have you done?!" He looks at Lucy's face and sees she has one eye closed and the open eye is glazed over
"You blinded yourself with the light from Loki? Smart but I assume you will be getting vision back sooner or later, can you beat me in that time?"
Lucy opens Loki's gate again Loki appears with his back to Capricorn, he shines his light beingtky again Lucy screams in pain, then she dismisses Loki and stands up.
Lucy is looking at a dark figure who slowly charges at her she dodges swings her whip which sends the figure screaming in pain, Lucy opens her good eye to see it was a random fodder Capricorn summoned, before she can close her good eye she accidentally sees capricon's reflection in a puddle and is frozen. Capricorn charges Lucy as he steps on the puddle the ripples distort the image just enough so Lucy can close her good eye and get out of the way with only another minor cut.
Capricorn laughs "it takes 1 minuet for your eyesight to return to normal, if you blind yourself any further you won't be able to see anything if you blind yourself any less you will consume too much magical power constantly summoning Loki back"

Let me explain this, ever look into the sun so much that you can't make out objects very well? That is what Lucy is doing, she isn't really blind, but her eye sight is so messed up she can just bearly make out objects. So now she is getting Capricorn confused with people he summons.

Then we get a few pages of Capricorn playing with Lucy,
"I don't want to kill you anymore, you are far too beautiful and smart! I love brains in a woman! Please Lucy just open your eye and allow me to give you a command then you will serve me for what rest of your life" Capricorn finally gets feed up with asking Lucy to open her eye and knocks her whip out of her hand, grabs her head and tries to force her eye open. Lucy takes that oppetunity to kick Capricorn in the balls and spit in his face.

Capricorn stands up humiliated and yells "I thought you had brains, that was a very stupid thing to do!" suddenly the whole area Lucy is in goes black, Lucy opens her good eye and is surrounded by an uncountable number of random soldiers Capricorn summoned. All chanting "execution, execution" two of the larger guys step forward and grab Lucy and force her to her knees, capricorn steps forward draws his golden sword and says "last chance to open your eye for me, if not this is your execution spot" Lucy refuses.
Capricorn raises up his glorious golden sword and right before he can bring it down Lucy opens up tartors the bull, who appears in the sky above Capricorn, Lucy screams "don't look at him"
The bull is staring directly at Lucy's boobs and doesn't hear a word she said
The bull slams his axe to the ground Capricorn dodges most of the attack but is cut severely on his right arm causing him to drop his sword.
Loki appears picks up the sword and without opening his eyes plunges capricorns golden sword deep into his chest.
Lokis eyes are still closed,
Capricorn says "Loki, what do you think you are doing?!?? Once you hear my get an order you are mine to control forever! Kill that bull" Loki knocks tartros out and sends him back to the spiritual world Capricorn yells "now open Lucy's eyes" all the people surrounding Lucy suddenly start moving in on her, Loki eyes still closed advances ok her. Lucy's eyes are back to normal she can see Capricorn with the sword sticking out of his chest, Loki missed his heart he aimed a little to the right, Lucy can't move and it is only a matter of time before she is killed by Loki or the crowd.

Just as Loki raises his fist Capricorn coughs up blood and falls to his knees bowing his head so he can cough up more blood. All the many many men and Loki look at Capricorn, Loki grabs Lucy and they run out of the circle of soldiers who slowly close in on Capricorn.
Lucy looks at Loki and says "what happened?"
Loki says "a king must never bow to anyone, when he lowered his head the spell was broken and I could think for myself"
Capricorn is heard screaming from the center of the group, Loki gives Lucy his jacket and they both walk away with Lucy rubbing her eyes.

Ok since that was a long one next up is a short one. Next up is kain. The doll guy. This guy is the worst character to ever be put to paper and I don't say that lightly, there is nothing good about this waste of space and his stupid worthless magic. Everything about his guy is horrible and I hate him. That being said let's do him right.

Ok first thing, that doll magic is stupid worthless and the dumbest thing I have ever seen in any manga, that doll magic will never see the light of day in my remake. He will still have a doll but I will tell you what it does when the time is right. And it won't be stupid nonsense like his doll magic god I hate kain.

Ok so Lucy Gary and natsu stumble across kain. Kain is a close range fighter who fights using professional wrestling moves (the kind that don't work in real life). Put if no where kain charges Gary and natsu and knock them both out with a double clothesline and delivers a German suplex to Lucy, Lucy is out for the fight. Enraged natsu and Gary both deliver a punch to the big guy who doesn't even flinch and grabs both natsu and Gary by the head and slams their heads together. (Meeting of the minds) those two stand on their feet and stumble around a little, kain choke slams Gary to the ground and gives natsu a big boot to the face.

This time they both get up very slowly and are clearly in a lot of pain. Natsu says "this is bad, we can't take him in close range combat we need to defeat him at range" natsu fires off a dragons roar and Gary fires off an ice lance, both attacks part as kain charges head first through them and spears Gary to the ground, Gary is out of the fight. Natsu jumps out of the way but kain catches his foot and throws natsu head first into a tree.

Natsu notices a doll floating bear kain's head which is a little damaged and burnt. Kain charges natsu again and lifts natsu up for a spine buster, as kain lifts natsu up natsu punches and kicks him and delivers 10 powerful blows to kain's face, when the fire clears kain is unscratched with a huge smile on his face, kain delivers the spine buster to natsu and nearly snaps natsu's spine in half.

Natsu hardly able to move looks at the doll and sees the face of the doll is severely burnt and damaged. Natsu imiditally understands what is going on.
Kain says "get ready for the big finish! My finishing move! The kain bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The crowd loves it!"
Kain picks natsu up, natsu can hardly move at all, kain has natsu in a power bomb position (imagine a backwards solder ride..... ya it is as gay as it sounds.....) right as kain is about to slam natsu down shattering his spine natsu fires off a small flame shot at the doll which hits the dolls chest but the doll is unharmed, suddenly kain's chest bursts into flames natsu jumps down as kain struggles to put out the fire. Natsu smiles and says
"So what ever happens to you effects the doll and what effects the doll effects you? That is good because it is much easier to beat up a doll"
Kain "don't oversimplify my magic like that!!! It is extremely powerful forgotten magic, "forgotten magic: inverted life link" and not only that, but do my attacks seem funny to you?"
Natsu "well you have been lifting me off the ground a lot"
Kain "you moron! You don't even notice do you? "Ancient magic: building momentum" every time I hit you my attack power doubles, if you hit me my attack power is reset to normal, but you can't hit me.... ONLY MY DOLL!!!! oh and I have one more tick that I was saving for last..... my ultimate move that will make me invincible"

Kain grabs the doll floating by his head, and puts it in a large belt buckle around his waist.

Kain "Hahahaha now you can't hit my doll and all I need to do is hit you in the spine one more time and your spine will be broken"

Kain charges natsu who throws a single extremely powerful punch to kain's belt. Kain's belt is shattered, kain lifts natsu up into the powerbomb position and slams him down natsu tries to get up, hears a snap then loses consciousness. Suddenly kain feels a cold sharp pain in his back, he looks behind him to see a massive ice arrow going into his backpack on his back which is the actual location he hid his doll. A huge hole opens in kain's chest and he falls down coughing up blood.
Gary is still holding the bow he used to shoot that arrow, he simles and says
"That was a sneaky trick, pretending to put the doll in your belt and actually putting it in your backpack."
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