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Fairy Tail To End "In About Two More Volumes"

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Posted 11 May 2017 - 09:41 AM

Uggggh We knew this would be the end for a while but it still makes me sad every time I think about it. This really has been the only series that I've loved from beginning to end. There were some moments and arcs that I love more than others but I don't think there was a single moment of Fairy Tail that I outright hated. Its gonna suck not getting weekly chapter updates anymore. It took me way too long to find something to replace Bleach.

#22 Fenrix



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Posted 11 May 2017 - 02:09 PM

Oh man, we can only hope this is true


So let's start the discussion: when do you think FT started going down hill?

Hmm, for me FT started to go downhill halfway through the GMG arc but severely dropped once the "war" officially began. The startup after the 1 year timeskip was super hype with Natsu and Happy going around Fiore to find the other members of FT after the guild's disbandment. I remember being excited to see how Mashima would play this out and it was great right until after FT initially got thrashed by sand Spriggan dude.


This "war" arc has been trash from the get-go with lame battles and character development which isn't atypical for shounen manga, however I think I reached my BS max during this part of the arc in particularly.


Nevertheless, I'll be sad to see FT go since I've been with it for so long.  :cry: 


Although I would occasionally gripe about the BS that be occurring in some chapters, I never missed a chapter release because I always wanted to know what would happen next. Overall, FT is a great manga with wonderful characters and thematic value. Looking forward to reading Mashima's next work :^_^:

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Posted 12 May 2017 - 02:34 AM

A) The beginning

B) When Erza one shot that Wind guy that knocked out Makarov

C) Tenrou Island

D) Grand Magic Games

E) Spriggans

End of Edolas Arc

#24 captain kidd

captain kidd


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Posted 12 May 2017 - 11:37 AM

A quote from the link. "Fairy Tail to end "in about 2 more volumes", Hiro Mashima wants to write a new work after it ends."

A..... new..... work?!? (Evil grin)

Someone make this meme since I don't have the photoshop powers at this moment,

Ellie from rave/Lucy from FT/ new work
Bra size- 32A/Bra size-32J /Bra size- 32X!!!

The joke being over the course of hiro's work he has done what Oda did to nami.

Oh man, we can only hope this is true

So let's start the discussion: when do you think FT started going down hill?

I don't know why but the demon arc never felt big to me. Maybe it was because madre geer made us think there was a main boss (end) who would appear once natsu beat madre....

But I will tell you the exact moment FT started going down hill. When neinhart was one shot.

That was the second it was obvious hiro didn't give a shit anymore.

One shots (espically when you have 12 main villains) are ok sometimes, if you want to show how powerful a hero has gotten (like what happened to bluenote) or if you want to add emphasis to a point. (Like luffy to Bellamy)

But this was none of those. Neinhart powered up became some super powered monster with black in his eyes, and he was one shot. That stupid spinning demon had a longer and better fight then neinhart got..... how does that make sense?

Up until then there had been plot holes and logic gaps but through it all I could see hiro was trying to write a compelling (and friendship powered) story, but when he had neinhart one shot for no reason, that was he final straw.
And then it just went downhill more and more from there. Arcnologia showed up and was in the arc because.... he is arcnologia!!! August got beaten way too easy oh and I might if mentioned this..... but he threw a punch!!!! August threw a punch! The master of all magic punched someone, then he stabbed August with his staff. Yep... the master of all magic's two biggest attacks were not magic based at all. Natsu soloed the time woman then fought evil Gary who just finished a fight that almost killed him. Does that make natsu very weak or evil Gary very strong?
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