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[RP] Hunter x Hunter RP

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Posted 18 June 2017 - 03:50 PM


(Jasper City)



Date, January 7th


After a week of journeying you arrive at Jasper City which will be the starting site of the 290th Hunter Exam. The cool morning air still lingers as the sun is just starting to rise above the tops of the buildings off in the distance. It is only mid-morning but busy streets are alive full of people visiting various shops with cars and buses driving by carrying people through the city. You take out a piece of paper that you received from a Navigator that led you to the city. The paper reads “Matilda's Bookstore” with an address scribbled below it. You begin to walk through the city heading to the shopping district.


You arrive at a small two-storied book store tucked neatly in the middle of a row of various buildings and shops in the shopping district of Jasper City. You open the door and a small bell rings from atop the entrance signaling that someone has entered the store. You glance around the shop and notice that it is nearly filled to the brim with books. The store is packed with rows and rows of bookshelves stuffed tightly full of books with even more books stacked in columns on the floor that nearly reach the ceiling. You walk over to the counter where a small, old woman with short, slightly gray, curly hair is sitting behind the register. She is wearing a pair of thick lensed glasses with her face half covered by a book. “I’m here to check out a book”, you say. The old woman glances up at you from her book and replies “What book are you looking for?” You then repeat the phrase the Navigator told you to, “I’d like to check out the book ‘History of the Vanished Empire, Volume 4’, please.” The woman pauses for a moment to look at you then reaches in a drawer behind the desk and pulls out a small ticket and hands it to you. “Go out the back door and follow the alleyway to the right until you see a door with a red X marked on it. Knock on the door and hand them the ticket”, she says pointing over her shoulder to the backdoor. “Good luck”, she says and glances down back to the book she was reading.


You head through the back door and follow the alleyway to the right like the woman said. After walking for a few minutes you approach a door with a red X marked on it and knock one time. The iron door makes a loud thud sound before going quiet. Suddenly a small metal panel opens up in the door and a man in a gruff voice says, “Ticket please” while holding out his hand. You hand the man the ticket and the large iron door swings open revealing a man in a black suit and dark shaded sunglasses sitting in a chair with a newspaper in his hand. You step inside and the man presses a button and the door shuts behind you. You stand inside a small room with no windows or entrances other than the one you just came in. “Brace yourself”, the man says just before pushing another button next to him and suddenly the room drops and you feel like you are in free fall barely able to keep your feet to the floor, but before you realize it the room comes to a stop and the man presses another button and the door you just entered swings open and he gestures for you to exit.


As you exit the room the door closes behind you and you can hear the faint sounds of the room darting back up to the surface. You are standing in what seems to be a dimly lit maintenance hallway with cables and pipes running along the ceiling edges. The city noises you were able to hear moments ago have gone completely quiet indicating you are quite far below the city. At your feet is a white arrow painted on the floor pointing left. You follow the arrow for a while passing several other doors and maintenance boxes before reaching a large metal door. You open the door and standing before you is a large, man-made tunnel shooting off in two opposite directions. You look around and standing in the enormous open tunnel is a large group of people in all different shapes and sizes carrying all sort of gear and equipment with some talking among themselves and others standing around quietly. These are your fellow Hunter Exam participants.  




You step into the large open area and a small, odd looking person runs up to you. They are carrying a bag full of badges with a number printed on them. He reaches into his bag and says, “Hello there! My name is Beans and I am from the Hunter Association. Please take a number”, handing you one of the badges with a number on it. “These numbers are very important and represent the place in which you arrived to the Exam site. Please do your best to hold on to them.” With that he turns around and walks off to go greet another one of the examinees. You pin the number to your chest like everyone else then precede to walk further into the room. 



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Posted 18 June 2017 - 04:47 PM

Seraphen stood atop one of the many skyscrapers surrounding the Hunter Exam site. Her thoughts were with the orphans she left back at the Arena, her heart pounding incessantly, wishing she was back there on the streets with them. She knew the reason she came to take the Exam. She wanted to be a licensed Treasure Hunter, so she could change the lives of street rats everywhere. Seraphen adjusted her heavily modified skates and leaped from her perch, 50 stories up, enjoying the feeling of freefall. Manipulating her nen, she changed the polarity of her skates, allowing them to stick to the building as she pushed her down along its side. 


Upon a rather sketchy landing in a back alley, ”I’ll have to work on my landings a bit more,” she thought to herself. Dusting herself off as she maneuvered towards the bustling main street, nearly bumping into a rather tall dark skinned brute. The shaggily dressed man murmured a few curses at her back. Seraphen followed the flow of citizens, snatching herself some foodstuffs to eat along the way from unaware vendors. She soon found herself standing at the entrance of the Site, shoving the last of her morsels into her mouth before making her way inside. She was greeted by a weird looking man in a suit, calling himself Mr. Beans, he shoved what looked like a pin of sorts into her hands. Looking down at the pin, it had the number 117 emblazoned across it. As her eyes adjusted to the change of light, she saw the other occupants had similar buttons on their persons, she followed suit and attached her button to the bandolier across her chest. Working her way deeper into the room, she awaited the start of the exam.

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Posted 18 June 2017 - 05:31 PM

Unten arrived rather late. His strategy – beating up wannabes until one of them would hand him his equipment and tell him the location of the testing site – had, indeed, worked out, but then he had entered a deceptive bus, and was forced to hijack it and drive in the opposite direction, which had also cost some time. Then, he had searched for the local drug-gang, dropped a few names, and was disrectely pointed further towards the site, in exchange for a hefty sum of money. Apparently, huge secret underground concrete structures still had to be cleaned by someone. So far, he had spent almost 500,000 Jenny on the exam, most of his savings. But these were acceptable expenses, he thought, considering that having a Hunter License would make him rich quickly soon enough. He entered the bookstore, hoped for the best and followed the directions he had received.


The underground facility that hosted the exam was already packed with at least 500 people, probably more. Wasn't only one of ten-thousand supposed to arrive here? Gee. The air in the hall was horrible. No faces that Unten recognized, but that was no surprise. He was handed a number – 523, well guessed – by an awkward little man. He pinned it on his vest, and, after a little consideration, attached an additional needle to it. He chose a position close to the entrance, where he could observe the people coming later than him and, if necessary, escape more quickly. One guy tried to give him a can of soda, but an annoyed glance scared him away. An interesting, large crowd – if only a few could succeed, the selection would have to be especially gruesome. Appropriate.

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Posted 19 June 2017 - 02:44 PM

Walking through crowded streets the young warrior followed his nose towards the commercial area. Enjoying the bustle of the busy city Akihito Ren took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Scent flowed from food stands, sound rolled through groups and out of pubs. Opening his eyes he smiled happily and proceeded onwards. Taking another look at the note Ren decided to familiarise himself with the area a bit more before entering the bookstore. He had already mapped out most of the streets but he wanted to go over them one more time, the Hunter Exam was well known for being incredibly difficult so he wanted every advantage he could get.


Thirty more minutes of walking left Ren satisfied and thirsty, picking a pub within sight of the bookstore he sat down at a table outside and gestured the waiter for a drink.
Time passed as did hundreds of people, Ren kept a keen eye on all of them. Carpenters, farmers, bakers, craftsmen and many others passed by but there were only few that Akihito Ren's eye lingered on.

Warriors. Over the course of an hour many passed and nearly all went into the bookstore however none came back out. Ren felt excitement and a tinge of fear, did they fail? Amongst them were combatants he judged as skilled or perhaps even better than himself but surely such a small store couldn't house that many people? Unable to resist any further he chugged down his drink and settled his tab, moving towards the bookstore his heart grew heavier until it seemed like he was wading through water. Extending his hand he pushed open the door and with the ringing of the bell all his stress vanished.




Taking another deep breath Ren opened the large metal door and sized up the competition, he cast a quick glance at each of them while closing the door behind him and walking towards the opposite side of the tunnel, smiling and nodding at anyone whose gaze crossed his. Kindly refusing a drink offered to him by a friendly old man he took the badge offered to him by the green examiner -314 it said-  and pinned it to his shirt.

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Posted 20 June 2017 - 05:36 PM

Annoyed. That more or less sums up Zane's feelings about the whole ordeal. And to think, the exam hasn't even started yet. He thought he'd just be able to sail to the exam site. That's how he got everywhere. But when he reached what he thought was his destination, it turned out to be one of those cliched tests to see who was really worthy of taking the exam. It was simple and he ended up passing with flying colors. Little did he know, that it was just a precursor to three other pre-tests. Each designed to whittle down the number of people traveling to the real exam site. They were all simple tests of intelligence and perceptiveness that any idiot could have solved. And yet, by the end of it, he was the only one left in his group of ten other potential applicants.


Zane understood the importance of these pre-tests. It's better to separate the wheat from the chaff now so the real examiners don't have to waste their time. But four in a row was just redundant. He finally had enough when he found himself and his guide wondering aimlessly through a dark swamp.


"Hey!" he yelled "If you don't mind, I'd like to get to the exam. Today maybe!"


The guide was a, presumably, short old woman hiding under a dingy, brown cloak. She answered with a small haughty laugh, annoying Zane to the point where he was ready to just turn around and go home. But as soon as that thought entered his head, it was immediately kicked out by his memory of his wife on her deathbed.


He sighed "It's for Celine"


After a little over an hour of walking (with most of his time wasted fighting off the creatures in the swamp while protecting his guise) they finally reached their stopping point: a bog with bubbling, purple water. Zane grimaced at the sight of it.


"I hope you aren't expecting me to go in there. I love water more than most people but that just looks unhealthy....that is water, right?"


Zane held his hand in front of the bog, using his nen ability to slowly churn the water.


"Well that answers that." he shrugged


The fact that he was about to use his nen to manipulate it meant there had to be at least some trace amount of H20 in there. Even if he couldn't make out what the rest of it was.


Wasting no time, the guide took a deep breath and jumped into the bog, completely disappearing under the water. A look of pure disgust spread across Zane's face as he figured that would mean that he needs to jump in too. Not one to just randomly dive into strange bubbling liquids, Zane used focused all of his aura on his eyes and used gyo to exam the water. Sure enough, somebody else's aura was all over it. He wouldn't be shocked if this entire bog was someone sort of conjuration. The fact that it was most likely man-made did manage to slightly put him at ease. But that was before he noticed that his guide hadn't come up for air yet. That could mean one of two things. There's somewhere he has to swim to, or something in there killed her. Hoping for the former (but not particularly minding the latter) Zane surrounded himself with a protective layer of aura and plunged, feet first, into the bog.


Once he was inside, he found that the water was...shockingly clear. He could move freely and see clearly, as if he were wearing goggles. He was clearly floating but, at the same time, he didn't exactly feel like he was underwater. Just to be sure, he slowly started to inhale through his nose...and he could breathe just fine. He looked for his guide but she was nowhere to be found. His only company in this vast, blue emptiness was a bright light, shining a few meters below him. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that that's where Zane should probably be going. So he swam to the lighting, extending his arm out to touch it. As soon as makes contact, he passes through it and finds himself in the middle of Jasper City, the starting site of the 290th Hunter Exam.


It takes a while for Zane's eyes to adjust to the sunlight as he realizes that he's not only soaking wet, but sitting in a water fountain. His guide throws a coin at him, which bounces off his head and lands in the shallow water. She gives another smug laugh and signals for him to follow her. She guides him to a small two-storied book store tucked neatly in the middle of a row of various buildings and shops in the shopping district of Jasper City. She shoves a piece of paper in his hands. It isn't until he's done reading what's on the paper that he realizes she's gone.


"...Crazy old bat."


Not particularly peeved at losing his creepy guide, Zane shrugs and walks into the book store. As he walks to the front desk, he notices the woman at the register looks eerily like the same woman who guided him through the swamp.


"What gives, lady?" He demands, slapping the piece of paper on the counter "You know, when you gave me this sloppily written instruction manual, I thought that meant I was being handed off to somebody new. Maybe someone who can talk and tell me where the exam is!"


The woman looked completely unphased as she slowly peered up from the book she was reading. She sighed and looked down at the paper that Zane had rudely slammed on her desk.


"If I had a coin for every man who mistook me for my sister, I'd have enough money to buy back all the boyfriends she's stolen over the years." she said


Zane's eyes widen in shock as he realizes the mistake he had made


"Oh my gosh, ma'am. I'm didn't mean to snap at you like that! I just thought you were..."


"Save it, pal. Now we both know what a bitch she is."


The woman reached in a drawer behind the desk and pulled out a small ticket and hands it to Zane.


“Go out the back door and follow the alleyway to the right until you see a door with a red X marked on it. Knock on the door and hand them the ticket”


Zane noded and gave another apology before heading out the back door like the woman said.


After reaching the door and giving the guard his ticket, Zane is taken to a large, man-made tunnel. There had to have been at least 200 other people and yet the tunnel didn't seem to be anywhere near full. Still, this was way too many people than Zane was comfortable being around, and most of them didn't look particularly friendly (hell, some of them didn't even look human). Zane found a space that was far enough away from the majority of the crowd, and sat on the floor with his back against the wall. He stared at the wedding ring that he still kept on his hand and let out a sad sigh.


"I made it, Celine. But it should be you here."


Zane spends the next few minutes staring off into space and daydreaming about his kids when he finally notices an very strange looking man in a blue suit standing right in front of him. The man reaches into his bag and pulls out a badge.


“Hello there!"  He greeted Zane "My sincerest apologies. I would have greeted you at the door, but there was a pressing matter that I needed to attend to."


"No problem; but...who are you?"


"My name is Beans and I am from the Hunter Association. Please take a number”


"Oh.,.um...okay." Zane does as he's told and takes the badge that Bean had picked out for him. It was a plain white circle with the number 217 written in a bold black font. "Thanks"


“These numbers are very important and represent the place in which you arrived to the Exam site. Please do your best to hold on to them.”


And with that, the tiny little man walked away to go greet some more applicants. Zane pinned the badge to his chest and continued to daydream. He supposed he should have been using his time to get to know some of the other applicants, but he wasn't much of a people person and he was having a hard time finding any who looked nice enough to talk to.

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Posted 20 June 2017 - 10:16 PM

MOA Titled: Don't worry, there's a Tl;dr

This was it. Jasper City. This was where the big things go down. Moa had never been to such a noisy and populous place before. There were so many people who looked so different from one another. Were they all really here for the exam? Didn’t look like it. They were all walking in different directions, some just sitting around. These must be vagabonds, too, Moa thought. They look just like Io, Humla and all the other guys. All dirtied, tired-looking and lying down in places where everybody else stand up.
Moa had an appointment. He was too meet “The Locator” in this city. He had the address on a piece of paper, and without delaying went about finding the exact location. It turned out to just be the corner of a pretty typical street. There was a restaurant at this corner, another place with lots of blinking red lights across the street where only a few mean-looking people entered, and all the other places seemed closed. Perhaps because it was the middle of the night by now — it had taken him the whole day finding this location. He hadn’t before really tried to ‘find’ things. He had no possessions to misplace, and he had never gotten such finite directions to a spot before. Hell, the only reason he made it to Jasper City was because it was a straight, major road from where he was before.
Luckily for Moa, he didn’t have to wait too long — the time for the meeting was just a couple of hours away, and Moa was quite literally an expert at waiting. He was no stranger to boredom, so by now, contemplating whatever was within his field of view, time just sped up. He spent his time in the night time, on the corner of a restaurant, just blankly staring at the blinking red lights. He particularly thought about why the curtains in front of the window every now and again opened up to reveal a pair of leering eyes, staring back at him. Was that one of the men who entered earlier? He didn’t notice many of them leave.
The Locator finally came. He looked like a fairly normal but tired man, and he had a big backpack with all kinds of stuff in it. Moa had heard of this guy from Io, one of the vagabonds he had stayed with. This was, apparently, a guy who knew everything there is. He knew of all kinds of people, all kinds of places, and he knew exactly how to get there. He was basically everything Moa wasn’t. He was the man who would lead him to where the Hunter Examination was held.
“Let’s go talk in here”, the man said. Somehow he recognized that it was Moa, even though they had never met. Perhaps his appearance stood out.
The restaurant was dimly lit and practically empty. The morning customers wouldn’t arrive for a while. Moa and The Locator sat down at a table and Moa watched him order drinks for them.
“Okay, so. First things first. Do you have the funds?”
Moa understood that this meant money, which he did have, and gave it all to The Locator. He had no use for it, anyway. It was just what the vagabonds had given him.
“Good, good. How’s Io doing?”, The Locator asked absent-mindedly while putting away the money inside his inner pocket.
“I don’t know, I’m not with him. Fine when I left”, Moa answered candidly, which surprisingly didn’t appear to be the right answer, because the man just looked at him funny and then shrugged it off.
“Good… So, the place is here”, The Locator put down a piece of paper on the table. “And you need to ask her specifically what I wrote down here, you understand?”
“Yes”, Moa said, not really understanding.
The pair’s drinks arrived, without cutting off The Locator’s speech.
“Look man, if you get killed during this thing, I’m not to blame, okay? You know what you’re getting into?”, The Locator seemed more and more concerned that Moa really didn’t belong here. “I know you’re friends with Io and all, but… it’s my reputation at stake! I don’t just give these kinds of leads to anybody, you know?”
Moa pondered his question for a bit. He did not know what he was getting into at all, but contrary to what The Locator’s mood suggested, Moa didn’t think that was an issue. He wanted to discover what it was like, and he didn’t fear for his life.
The Locator took a sip of his hot drink. He looked at Moa differently for a bit. “Show me your Ren”, he said, but immediately understood that Moa wouldn’t get what he actually meant, so he interrupted himself: “Use Ren with your cup there”, and pointed to Moa’s drink. The Locator already knew Moa could use Nen, judging by his aura, but he wanted to see what he could do, although specifically without rousing any suspicion. Performing the water divination test himself, his drink started to grow more and more lucid until it was perfectly clear, like water. He was a skilled Emitter, which showed in how much the color of the water changed.
Moa quickly followed suit, this was a task Carabine had made him do as well, although with a leaf on top. Just like last time, the contents of his drink slowly but surely diminished, until there was barely anything left. The Locator looked with one eyebrow raised, first at the glass, then at Moa, then back at the glass.
“So you’re a Specialist, then?” he assumed and leaned back in his chair.

“Alright, well… You sure are something, that’s for sure... Now scram, kid. I see another customer outside.”
Moa inspected the ‘other customer’ as he left, making sure to take the slip of paper The Locator had given him and put it somewhere safe. After he left the restaurant and headed elsewhere, The Locator sighed to himself. What was the deal with that kid? That strange aura… and the divination test? He thought, and picked up Moa’s empty glass. When he looked inside it, he saw that even the paint on the porcelain had been worn down.

“I’d like to… check out the… Book of the Vanished Empire, Volume 4… Please”, Moa stuttered out. His reading comprehension was still in the early stages, although he was developing quickly. The librarian gave him yet another slip of paper with instructions, which if anything made Moa hope the next clues would be more up his alley. Perhaps with less words and directions, and more… looking at pretty birds.
Upon arriving at the destined door, and giving the friendly greeter his ticket, Moa stood himself in the center of the big escalator while it quickly descended.
When Moa entered the Exam hall with all the other applicants, he breathed a sigh of relief. Now he felt like he was in the right place, at last. The first person to approach him was a man roughly the size and shape of a jelly bean, who naturally introduced himself as Beans. The man gave Moa a tag with a number to wear on his torso, and so he became Examinee #436. First thing on his agenda: find #435, the one before him, and keep an eye out for when #437 arrives. It felt like a smart thing to do. Second to that, locate and keep track of at least one person for every 100 places, to help him notice if they get split into groups based on their numbers. He could use himself for the 400 range, and wait around for the 500’s, if it reaches that, but he needed to scout out one easy-to-recognize person with a number starting with 3, one with 2, one with 1, and perhaps most important, the double digit people. They got here first, so they’re bound to be interesting. Moa knew that people could be faster than him — most people don’t take hours finding a street — but to be one of the first to arrive, out of 400? That could signify something.
Moa’s detecting went splendid. He was now finished with his analysis and decided to just sit down by the wall, as new arrivals were simmering out.

The tall woman #435 — A really big and muscular woman who got to the exam site just before he did. She looked at Moa, who perhaps got a little too close, with the same eyes that townsfolk had. Moa thought it was because they hadn’t seen many people who looked like him, and was therefore suspicious. Which made him believe that they didn’t have any experience and wasn’t a big threat.

The inked man, #437 — This person had tattoos all over their body, which made their white eyes stand out and look pretty scary. He had a couple knives on his belt, so Moa figured he wasn’t very good at fighting. Moa doesn’t need utensils.

The fat man, #28 — a chubby, short fellow who smiled at everyone. Even Moa could see from afar that he had the look of evil in his eyes, and made sure not to meet his gaze.

The loosedon'thatemeforthisIdidn'tknowwhatelsetoadjective woman, #117 — A blonde woman in somewhat revealing clothes. Moa mostly chose to take note of her because she stood out from the crowd. She didn’t look as stressed out and intimidating as most other contenders.

The plain man, #217 — a plain looking man who wore a flask on his belt. Moa decided to keep an eye on him since he was exactly a hundred applicants after the woman, and the other people in the 200 group didn’t really strike a chord, either.

The tanned man, #314 — A suntanned man carrying all sorts of gear. Another one of the few who were smiling. Moa did not understand the impulse.

The loaded man, #523 — This guy looked more like the kind Moa was expecting to be here. An irritated veteran armed for battle. Moa figured this person had been through these exams before, and wondered if he too should angry to appear experienced.

With his mental notes taken care of, Moa entertained himself the usual way — by doing nothing at all.

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Posted Yesterday, 07:39 AM

A random person gets off a boat to jasper city. He is trying to become a hunter it is his dream after his parent’s death.  He has covered himself in a scarf and headband so no one can see his face.  This is his first time in many years that he has seen so many people. Living in a forest with his adopted parents with no people around was too much for the guy. He walks into a back alley to come down when a women with skates bumps into him. He murmurs under his breath “crazy women” as she left the scene. He is able to gather himself together and travels to the pace the navigator told him to go.


He walks into the book store and speaks the password to the older women. He does a number of pointless things before finally a man gave him his badge number it reads #300. After he got his ticket the man looks at his competition. Some seem like they rival him in power others seem worthless. Time will tell who will become a hunter and who will fail. The guy disappear within the shadows, it seems it isn’t his time to be in the lime light right now.

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Posted Today, 05:21 AM

"Jasper City, get off!" Sailor yelled to sleeping Kuin, waking him up. Barely awake he entered the harbor and abpeace of paper saying "Matildas Bookstore" he walked towards the Shopping District. But before the bookstore Kuin HAD to get some coffee to wake up.

"What a nice shop. Definetely need to check this put properly sometime" Kuin thought when he entered the bookstore. The lady at desk gave him a ticket and opened a door for him after he had said the password. Kuin was 100% awake after the small heartattack he had when the room fell, even though the man in suit had warned him.

The big tunnel that opened in front of his eyes was way too crowded for Kuins liking. Kuin had barely recovered from his shock earlier when a small green man handed him a basket and asked him to pick a number. His number was 224. He wondered what was the little green mans origin while waiting for what would happen next.

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