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[RP] Hunter x Hunter RP

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Posted 06 October 2017 - 03:56 PM

"Well thanks, I guess", mumbled Unten as he dusted off the dirt from the explosion. He had been hit even as he lept back, but it was nothing aside from a few bruises, and a cut on the upper lip. He licked off the blood. A bunch of people were severely injured, or even dead, it seemed, and only a few had seen it coming. He could hear the Tatooed Man say something like "Fucking morons", then he and Patchwork dashed ahead. After a couple meters, Unten saw the body of Strongman Razin, beaten. "You little asshole", Unten said, and kicked him into the wall, "serves you right". More running. In the far distance ahead, he could see red flaslights, clear signs of the time running out, and behind he could hear water and screams, even more evident. Apparently the Hunter Organization was willing to bury hundreds of people undergroud. And he would be one of them, because he had just wasted 45 goddamn minutes, and he was nowhere near fast enough.

However, if the tunnel ahead were to be shut – would they also shut the supply tunnels? It was his only chance, so he ran towards the next door, focused all his power and tackled it down with his shoulder. He stood on an iron runway on the side of a concrete tube, three meters from the other side. The air was thick with old dust and mold, but once he was inside, a small breeze could be felt from ahead. Unten took this as a good sign, especially as he found a lightswitch, and dim neon-tubes flickered. He could hear rats squeaking as he moved forward.

Two minutes later, he heard something from behind. Had he closed the door? No. No he hadn't. Not good. Clank clonk clank. It was the slender woman he had seen before (clank). She had been extremely quick to react to the explosion, so Unten figured her to be somewhat strong. She had stopped her rpevious hunched way of moving, and run almost elegantly, her long black hair waving behind her like a black silk curtain. She probably had seen him enter the tunnel. Would she attack, or could they just move on?




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Posted 21 October 2017 - 02:13 AM

Summary So Far

  • 290th Hunter Exam is taking place in Jasper City.
  • Hunter Exam participants make their way to an underground tunnel and are given a numbered badge where the first stage of the exam will take place. 
  • 727 total examinees in this exam. 
  • This post details some of the non-player examinees, but not super important to read over.
  • A Hunter named Giovanni is the examiner for the first stage. 
  • Stage one of the exam is a race to exit the underground tunnel before a river of water catches the examinees.
  • Examinees take off running and begin to separate into packs throughout the tunnel. 
  • A giant man with a badge #255 named Strongman Razin attempted to block the passage with rubble.
  • Several other examinees attempt to remove the rubble blocking the passage and #205 confronts Razin on the other side.
  • #205 easily defeats Razin and destroys the blockade at the same time.
  • Giovanni and the examinees at the front reach a small fork in the tunnel that leads to the exit. 
  • A timer above the exit counts down and when it reaches 00:00 the door to the exit will close so the rushing water won't travel down that part of the fork.
  • As the water quickly approaches the examinees still running in the tunnel the timer last read 04:23. 

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