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The Latent Destiny Group (rough draft)

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Posted 26 July 2017 - 12:42 PM

    It was a hot summer morning and Eliah was awakened by the cry of his alarm clock. Frustrated, he instinctively slapped the snooze button in an attempt to quickly silence the disturbance. Like he hadn't even touched it, the alarm continued it's insufferable wailing.

  Eliah grumbled before opening his eye's, sitting up on his bed and pressing the snooze button. the alarm stopped but Eliah didn't move. sitting there, his covers draped over his shoulder's, his eye's began to get heavy as he sat still in his bed staring into the pitch blackness that was all he could see before him. As his eyes closed, the utter silence was replaced with a low pitch ringing in Eliah's ear that progressively got louder and louder.


"What the hell?" Eliah wondered. "Am I really hearing that?" Eliah sat still in the darkness focusing in on the ringing he could hear in his ear.


"ELIAH!" boomed a thunderous voice suddenly.


Startled, Eliah's eyes jolted open. Immediately, his vision was overwhelmed with a blinding white light.


"ELIAH!" boomed the thunderous voice again just before Eliah blacked out.




"ELIAH! .... MR. ELIAH!"



Startled, Eliah Jolts awake at a school desk "WHA?!"


  *Class room laughs*



"I am sorry you are so bored in my class, perhaps we can rectify that, this afternoon in detention."


"Uhg, wha? no, no, I'm sorry, I-" Eliah began 


"you have not been listening Eliah."


"No, I uh, was just tired this morning for some reason, I-"


"I have been calling you, but you have not been able to hear me."


"No, I...what?"


"It won't be long now Eliah, you don't have much time."


"wait, what are you talking about?"


"Soon the first seal will break and it will begin."


"Huh? the seal? what? what will begin?!"


"You'll know very soon. you must know that when it starts, you must find the others."





"I will send them to look for you as well and you will all be together as it is written."



"Written?! what the hell are you talking about?!"



"Remember what I have told you Eliah."



"WAIT! ...wai....wa"


Eliah's eyes jolted open again to the sound of his blaring alarm clock trying to wake him. Eliah breathed a heavy sigh, threw the cover's from his body and hit the alarm clock causing it to silence.


rubbing his eyes of sleep he thought to himself, "was that a dream? it was so vivid"

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