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Black Clover

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#1 Jekkusormi



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Posted 23 November 2017 - 02:48 AM

Made this topic since this series didn't have one yet and it is raising up conversation.

My thoughts about it so far:

The fights have been nice this far, expecting to see more as the series continues.

Not a huge fan of the filler parts that for some reason a appearing already. I wouldn't mind if they added/made extra fighting scenes, but is it really necessary or even funny to see Asta nosebleed (something I think he hasn't done once in manga) twice under 1 minute?
Also Astas yelling is getting reeeeally tidious....

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#2 Ace1225



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Posted 03 December 2017 - 07:43 PM

I don't know about any filler, since I haven't read the manga to know what is filler, but I binged the series with my girlfriend this past weekend and I can say that it's decent. For the most part, I enjoyed a lot of what I saw, but (And I hate to be that guy) I couldn't stop comparing Asta and Yuno to Naruto and Sasuke. Or really the basic premise of this series to Naruto.  :lolxg: I mean geez, I haven't personally watched Fairy Tail, but my girlfriend, who is a huge fan of the series, says that this one comes off as a combination of the latter and Naruto. Even then, I still enjoyed it for the most part and I plan to continue it, though i'll probably hop over to the manga, which is what I originally planned to do for the series until the anime started.


I'm hoping that they'll continue delving into unique forms of magic for different characters too.

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#3 secretzfan



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Posted Yesterday, 03:05 PM

As a person who has never read the manga. This show is just..ok. I don't hate it or anything and I defiantly have interest to watch. It not like Tokyo Ghoul were it got shit and I never had a interest anyway. 

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