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2018 OneManga Character Battle Tournament

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#1 Shin


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Posted 01 April 2018 - 07:45 PM

I've been thinking of trying to set up a new OMCB for 2018. We used to do them once a year a while back and I think it would be fun to do a new one. Since quite a few old series have ended and some new series have come out since the last one. Me and @Echo were thinking organizing it. 


I don't know if I'd want to do any themes, or do a Lightweight vs Heavyweight style one again, and instead just do a normal one. Although I'd be open to doing something different if most want that, but I was thinking of doing a basic one where members can nominate a certain number of characters from any anime/manga and I'd randomly put them in a large bracket style tournament and the ones people like more will win. So it is basically a popularity contest like they all have been. 


I'm thinking that members can nominate up to 10 characters which would fill out the bracket even if we don't get a lot of members nominating, and of course the previous characters that won old OMCBs would still be exempt from the new OMCB. I think those characters were Edward Elric, Zoro, Kenshin, Luffy and Roy Mustang. Any other manga or anime character would be fine to nominate. 



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#2 Tokoya



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Posted 01 April 2018 - 10:11 PM

I'm all for this



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#3 Fulmine



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Posted 02 April 2018 - 12:00 AM

We nominate here?


Well, new manga FTW


Yaoyorozu Momo (BnHA)

Kaminari Denki (BnHA)

Fumikage Tokoyami (BnHA)

Yuichi Jin (World Trigger)

Konami Kirie (World Trigger)

Yukihira Souma (Shokugeki no Souma)

Nakiri Erina (Shokugeki no Souma)

King Harlequin (Nanatsu no Taizai)

Escanor (Nanatsu no Taizai)

Metal Bat (One-Punch Man)

Spoiler Favorite male characters in manga/hwa/hua

#4 masterbio



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Posted 02 April 2018 - 01:17 PM

Didn't Toph from Avatar also won one?

#5 Oben


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Posted 02 April 2018 - 02:51 PM

Yes! Let's go!


I think those characters were Edward Elric, Zoro, Kenshin, Luffy and Roy Mustang.

These are the finals I remember:
1. Edward (Fullmetal Alchemist) > Luffy (One Piece)
2. Zoro (One Piece) > Luffy (One Piece)
3. Kenshin (Rorouni Kenshin) > CC (Code Geass)
4. Toph (Avatar) > Gin (Bleach)
5. Zoro (One Piece) > Roy (Fullmetal Alchemist)
6. Roy (Fullmetal Alchemist) > Gintoki (Gintama)

#6 Shin


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Posted 02 April 2018 - 05:38 PM


I was just seeing if anyone had any big input for this thread. I'll probably have a separate thread for nominations just to keep things a bit more organized, and I'll probably make a form wide announcement thing too. I'll probably set up the nomination thread shortly. 



I think that in the 2nd one Zoro beat Miria (Claymore) in the finals, I believe Echo still has the image they used for that match up, and in the 5th one Luffy beat Roy. Since Luffy was exempt from the one I set up in 2014 because he won before. 


I forgot about the Toph one. I think that was the year Sena allowed all sorts of characters from all different mediums? I remember one year it got super messy. I'd like to keep this one Manga/Anime focused, but maybe I could open it up to more if some users really want it. I think in the last one I did we allowed Avatar characters. 

#7 ANewLight



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Posted 03 April 2018 - 05:20 PM

It'll be nice to see this come back. How about a Tag-Team/ Duo Tournament?



Goku and Vegeta

Naruto and Sasuke

Edward and Alphonse Elric

Hawkeye and Mustang

Maka and Soul

Vash and Wolfwood

Gon and Killua


As examples.

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#8 Shin


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Posted 05 April 2018 - 11:10 PM


I wouldn't mind doing a duo/tag-team tournament too if people want. I think I still want to do a normal one like we've done in the past. Once all the characters are nominated it can move pretty fast so there should be time to do more. 


I could run them at the same time but that might get confusing. 

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